Release 1.3 - 5. August 2017

There are a lot of new features for the core of SmartHomeNG anf the plugins.

New CORE features

  • Support for YAML as unified format for configuration files

  • Extended checking of item-names for validity (reject if they are Python reserved words)

  • Long lines in Config files (old format: item.conf, plugin.conf) can be divided into multiple lines for better readability

  • Relative addressing of items in config files has been implemented

  • The autotimes attribute of items has been extended. Instead of constant values, items can be specified for time and value parameters

  • For item attributes autotimer und cycle you can choose if the assigned value should be of type string (as before) or of the item’s type

  • The different possibilities of specifying a duration (time attribute autotimer und cycle) have been extended

  • Python module „math“ is now supported in eval expressions

  • Matching of items based on their value is possible

  • Integration of external libraries is now possible using the module_paths setting in the global configuration of SmartHomeNG

  • It is now possible to reload, deactivate or activate logics at runtime using the backend plugin or the CLI plugin

  • It is prevented to start SmartHomeNG as root user

Removed CORE Libs

Nothing so far

New Plugins

  • 2N Intercom Plugin

  • Amazon Alexa Plugin

  • Amazon Dashbutton Plugin

  • Database Plugin, welches den o.g. DB-API2 Layer nutzt - Installations-/Migrationsanleitung siehe hier

  • gpio Plugin

  • Helios / Vallox KWL Plugin

  • influxdata Plugin

  • odlinfo Plugin (data about radioaktive radiation)

  • sma em Plugin (read out SMA energy meters)

  • xiaomi Mi Flora Plant Sensor Plugin

  • yamaha Plugin

  • Traffic (Google Directions API) Plugin

  • MVG_Live Plugin

  • Logitech Harmony Plugin

  • Nuki Lock Plugin

  • Wunderground Plugin

  • Join API Plugin

  • NUT Plugin

  • telegram

Changes to existing Plugins

  • DWD Plugin: Bugfix für die forecast Methode

  • Squeezebox Plugin (updates, SmartPlugin migration)

  • systemair Plugin (updates, SmartPlugin migration)

  • Kostal Plugin (in addition to HTML-format, JSON-format is now supported - names have changed!)

  • KNX Plugin: New feature Poll of a GA (via knx_poll)

  • RTR-Plugin: Bugfixes

  • OpenEnergyMonitor: Plugin folder name is now lower-case. Configuration in etc/plugin.yaml (or etc/plugin.conf) has to be changed.

  • Extensions to backend plugin
    • Polish translation

    • Systeminfo
      • pypi packet check incl. requirements

    • Services
      • Impelemtation of a converter to convert configurations-snippets from CONF-format to YAML-format

    • Logics
      • Browser-based Logic-code-editor

      • Extended information for Logics

      • Store and reload logics. During reload, the configuration is re-read from etc/logics.yaml (or etc/logics.conf)

    • Plugins
      • Extended information for plugins

    • Logging
      • List of configured loggers with the option to display all configured logfiles

  • Extensions to AVM plugin
    • New functions get_phone_name und get_call_origin (incl. documented CURLs)

    • 4 new AVM_dData_types: ‚wan_current_packets_sent‘, ‚wan_current_packets_received‘, ‚wan_current_bytes_sent‘, ‚wan_current_bytes_received‘

    • New method get_phone_numbers_by_name

  • Extension to visu_websocket plugin
    • Function url() added to trigger a page change on smartVISU clients. (Needs a modified driver in smartVISU 2.8 or alternatively the not yet released smartVISU 2.9)

Removed Plugins

  • modbus plugin (Does not function with actual Python versions and is not maintained/supported any more by author)

  • visu plugin (superseded by visu_websocket and visu_smartvisu)