Release 0.7 - September 27th 2012


  • Items

    • Trees: You could now build unlimited item trees.

    • id(): function to return the item id (path).

    • eval: see the item configuration page for an explanation for ‚eval‘ and ‚eval_trigger‘.

  • Asterisk plugin: new function hangup(channel)

  • iCal plugin: to parse iCal files

  • Visu Plugin: - autogenerate visu pages - new input type ‚time‘


    • sh.scheduler.change

    • directory structure cleanup: logic => logics

    • items directory: to put multiple item configuration files in

    • new function to calculate the dewpoint

    • moved ping to the tools object.

    • => sh.tzinfo(): new function tzinfo().

Bug Fixes

  • CLI Plugin: update attribute negated