Release 0.9 - June 6th 2013

With code contributions and help from: Alexander Rieger, Matthias Lemke and Niko Will!

New Plugins

  • Fritzbox Plugin: control anything a FritzBox offers with the web interface.

  • Luxtronic2 Plugin: get state information and control Luxtronic 2.0 heating controllers.

  • MPD Plugin to control Music Player Daemons.

  • Samsung Smart TV Plugin: send commands to a SmartTV device.

  • Solarlog Plugin: to retrieve information from SolarLog devices.

  • SQLite Plugin: to store the item history in a SQLite database.

  • XBMC Plugin </plugins/xbmc/README>: to control and monitor your XBMC.


  • Item: setting values with the crontab and cycle attribute

  • Logic: Logic: calling with values by crontab and cycle

  • Logic: trigger supports destinations in trigger['dest']

  • Logic: de-/activate logics. e.g. sh.scheduler.change('alarmclock', active=False)

  • Logic: new basic methods: sh.return_item, sh.return_items, sh.match_items, sh.find_items, find_children

  • Scene support: to set multiple item values at the same time

  • 1-Wire Plugin: rewritten to support many different sensors.

  • Asterisk plugin: adding destination support for user events

  • CLI plugin: new command ‚cl‘ to clean the memory log of

  • DWD plugin: adding support for Pollen forecast

  • KNX plugin:

    • change encoding of dpt10 to use a datetime object and send the isoweekday

    • DPT 17 support

    • adding support to log all packets (busmonitor)

  • Mail Plugin </plugins_doc/config/mail>: enable sending UTF-8 mails

  • Visu Plugin:

    • change url

    • smartVISU support multiple widgets with one item

Bug Fixes