Release 1.8.1 - 24. Januar 2021

Dieses ist ein Bugfix Release für SmartHomeNG v1.8


Dieses ist ein Bugfix-Release für SmartHomeNG. Die Änderungen gegenüber dem Release v1.8 sind im folgenden in diesen Release Notes beschrieben. Für die vollständigen Änderungen der Version 1.8 bitte die Release Notes der Version 1.8 zu Rate ziehen.

Minimum Python Version

Die absolute Minimum Python Version in der SmartHomeNG startet wurde mit SmartHomeNG v1.8 auf v3.6 angehoben, da Python 3.5 im September 2020 End-of-Life (End of security fixes) gegangen ist. Bei einer Neuinstallation wird jedoch empfohlen auf einer der neueren Python Versionen (3.7 oder 3.8) aufzusetzen.

Änderungen am Core

Bugfixes in the CORE

  • lib.env:

    • Fix for ephem exception

  • lib.shpypi:

    • Adjusted loglevel

  • Modules:

    • admin:

      • rest:

        • Adjusted loglevel

    • websocket:

      • Fixed exception while module tried to update series data to a connection that had been closed

      • Handled closing code 1005

      • Added json serialization for class decimal.Decimal

      • Changed error handling on some occasions

      • Fix for terminating series updates when the websocket connection has been closed

Updates in the CORE

  • Modules:

    • websocket:

      • Added function to smartVISU payload protocol that allows sending of url command to smartVISU

      • Added Support needed for web interface of smartvisu plugin

Änderungen bei Plugins

Plugin Updates

  • alexarc4shng:

    • Updated metadata: Changed item attribute alexa_cmd_XX to item_attribute_prefix

    • Rearranged sections in metadata to standard order

  • casambi:

    • Made plugin restartable

    • Fixed subsequent errors on invalid networkID (if API key is no longer valid)

  • database:

    • Fix in id()

  • homematic:

    • During initialization of plugin no sensor states are read any more to prevent possible storm on homematic wireless connections which could result in ‚Generic error (UNREACH)‘ error logged by pyhomematic.

  • knx:

    • fix encoding of dpt5999

    • use xmltodict instead of lxml to prevent install problems on special hardware (CPUs)

  • luxtronic2:

  • neato:

    • Increased minimum SHNG version to 1.8 as WebIf uses function update_config_section

  • oerationlog:

    • Fixed parameter handling

    • Adjusted version number in metadata

  • prowl:

    • added item attributes (send on item change), cleanup, …

  • resol:

    • catched another exception

  • smartvisu:

    • Added function url() to set displayed page on smartVISU

    • Handled exception when trying to read configuration from smartVISU that is not configured

    • Added web interface

    • Copying of files (generated pasges and item-masterfile) is only done, if the smartVISU is already configured

  • sonos:

    • Named sonos subscription autoRenew thread

    • Named additional sonos EventServerThread

    • Upgraded base framework to SoCo version 0.21.1

    • Disabled auto renew option for event subscriptions

    • Added minimum python version to metadata

    • Fixed proper display of speaker IDs in thread names

  • stateengine:

    • Provide new version of suspend struct as state_suspend_dynamic and reintroduce old suspend struct

    • Allow relative item declaration for se_manual_logitem

    • Fix log for age condition

    • urgent re-fix of suspend struct

    • Fix web interface

  • yamahayxc:

    • added missing item attributes

    • Fixed error in metadata

Weitere Änderungen


  • Corrected typos and small documentation updates