Release 1.9.2 - 2. Mai 2022

Dieses Release ist ein Wartungs-Release. Außer Bugfixes gibt es einige neue Features im Core von SmartHomeNG, sowie einige neue Plugins.


Dieses ist neues Release für SmartHomeNG. Die Änderungen gegenüber dem Release v1.9.1 sind im folgenden in diesen Release Notes beschrieben.

Minimum Python Version

Die absolute Minimum Python Version in der SmartHomeNG startet, ist Python 3.6.

Für das SmartHomeNG Release 1.10 wird die absolute Minimum Python Version auf Python 3.7 angehoben, da der Community Support für Python 3.6 am 23. Dezember 2021 endete.

Bei einer Neuinstallation wird jedoch empfohlen auf einer der neueren Python Versionen (3.8 oder 3.9) aufzusetzen.

Unterstützte Python Versionen

Die älteste offiziell unterstützte Python Version für SmartHomeNG Release 1.9.x ist Python 3.7. (Siehe auch Hard- u. Software Anforderungen im Abschnitt Installation zu unterstützten Python Versionen)

Änderungen am Core

Updates in the CORE

  • Sample Plugins:

    • fix webif example index.html for sample_plugin

    • update example plugin to reflect webif_pagelength attribute and new datatable options.

  • Fix for creation of var/log directory on first start

  • suggest ‚python -m pip‘ in smarthome.yaml.default

  • prevent multiple logic triggers on same logic

  • sunevent offset in minutes used now for start of event calculation

  • bin.smarthome:

    • Fixed restart after installing core requirements

    • Option to supress pid-0 warning

  • Items:

    • Fix for item attribute prefix ‚my_‘ for Attributes, which are nor defined through plugins

  • Libs:

    • lib.daemon:

      • Fixed output on pid-0 warning

    • lib.item:

      • Extended _cast_duration to cast float values too

      • Fix for Relative Items using sh..self issue

    • lib.log:

      • Added loglevels DBGHIGH, DBGMED and DBGLOW

    • lib.metadata:

      • Fix for dicts in attributes


      • Autoreconnect modified

      • Adjust logging

      • Prepare connections monitoring

    • lib.shpypi:

      • Corrected import position of lib.shyaml

      • Adjusted som log levels

    • lib.shtime:

      • Implemented handling for breaking change in pypi package ‚holidays‘ v0.13

      • Added requirement fpr pytz

  • Modules:

    • admin:

      • Fixed display of logs in shngadmin for changed file naming convention introduced in shng v1.9

      • Sorting of list of logics is now case insensitive

      • Implemented naming of tab titles according to selected menu page

      • bumped shngadmin version to 0.6.0

    • http:

      • fix datatables live update for multiple datatables

      • update example plugin to reflect webif_pagelength attribute and new datatable options

      • update datatables to 1.11.5 and FixedHeader plugin to 3.2.2

      • include pageResize plugin for automatically adjusting datatable height to browser window height

      • implement CSS IDs for web interface top (plugin name, version, state, etc.)

      • Update datatables defaults to be prepared for automatic height (pageResize, default is still false). Automatically scroll to top on page change

      • adjusted shngInsertText function to include highlight effect on value change. Make sure value updates only happen if cell is visible on current page

      • datatables: introduce table-resize class and add some adjustments to make pageResize based on window height possible for multiple bodytabs

      • datatables: automatically add display:none and table-layout:fixed to all datatables as well as add the class display automatically

      • datatables: update docu. Remove „table-responsive“ div, add table-resize to div

      • fix smarthomeng.js shngInsertText (important!)

      • datatables: fix to work with Safari, tweaks for newly created rows

    • mqtt:

      • Fixed bug that prevented the reconnect to broker

      • Added parameter for client naming, to enable two SmartHomeNG installations to communicate with the same broker

    • websocket:

      • Updated logging

      • Active cancellation of update_all_series, when smarthomeng leaves running-mode

  • tests:

    • Removed python 3.6 from testing

    • Added python 3.9 and 3.10

Änderungen bei Plugins

New Plugins

For details of the changes of the individual plugins, please refer to the documentation of the respective plugin.

  • beolink:

    • Plugin for controlling Bang & Olufsen devices through Netlink (REST API)

    • Plugin is still under development and should not be used for production use

  • husky2: Husqvarna automower plugin (supporting the new API)

  • influxdb2:

    • Plugin to store item values in an InfluxData time-series database

    • Uses the actual InfluxDB API v2

    • Plugin is still under development and should not be used for production use

  • leveljet: Plugin implements LevelJET water level indicator (

  • waterkotte: Connection of Waterkotte heat pumps of the EcoTouch series via network

Plugin Updates

  • alexa4p3:

    • Changed state from develop to ready

  • avdevice plugin:

    • Adjust and fix web interface

    • Bump version to 1.6.4

    • Adjust and fix web interface

  • avm:

    • Fixed update error for aha_devices introduced with commit 1a28170. Added support for Fritz Dect 500 RGB LED bulb

    • Added deprecated warning for avm_data_types that are used via the old interface and should be reconfigured to use the new AHA interface.

    • Version auf 1.6.5 geändert

    • WebIF auf Datatables erweitert

    • Bugfixing / Logausgaben verbessert

    • Diverse Veränderungen und Erweiterungen, beschrieben im Changelog der user_docu.rst

    • Added RGB color support for specific AVM default colors. Arbitrary RGB support will be supported by AVM from Q2 2022 on

    • Implement plugin configuration „avm_home_automation“ to use AHA (AVM HomeAutomation) Interface (Default: False)

    • correct typo „temperatur“ to „temperature“ in struct

    • add method „get_device_log_from_lua_separated“ to get log already as list of list

    • limit Log entries shown on WebIF to recent 200

    • Update WebIF with possibility to adapt table size to screen

    • Debugging for ‚button‘ e.g. DECT440

    • Minor code correction / debugging

    • Adopt user_doc.rst

    • Update WebIF

    • Implement timeout extension, if request for logs timed out

  • comfoair:

    • Reimplement connection monitoring

  • database:

    • Metadata update

    • Added option to configure DB port to documentation

    • Fix for feature database:init - prevent the item’s initial_value from being written to the database on smarthomeNG restart. For further informations, see

  • harmony:

    • Set maximum Python version in metadata and in requiremtens to 3.9

  • hue2:

    • Super smooth dpt3 dimming for deconz

    • Multiple functions at once

  • jsonread:

    • Set maximum Python version in metadata and in requiremtens to 3.9

  • knx:

    • Added DPT ‚hex‘ to be able to read out key IDs from (old) Winkhaus locking systems (from PR #601)

  • mpd:

    • Prepare a user_doc and template for webinterface

  • network:

    • Added feature for dedicated http listener that confirms GET and POST requests

    • Improved names of listener threads (TCP and HTTP)

    • Added informative plugin name to initialization calls to

    • Bumped version to 1.6.2

  • openweathermap:

    • Added errorhandling for responses that do not contain json (e.g. on error 502)

    • Tweaked entries for exception logging on invalid json response

  • resol:

    • Added multi-instance capability

    • Additional robustness fixes

    • dded resol_isSigned item attribute to decode frames with signed values, e.g. outside temperatures; added check for header crc

  • robonect:

    • Changed state from develop to ready

    • Added missing init of parent class (SmartPlugin), another robustness fix

  • smartvisu:

    • Installing widgets to shwidgets folder for sv 3.0 and above

    • Installing widget icons from sw and ws subfolders to sv icon subfolders

    • Added payload protocol documentation

    • Fixed handling of infoblock.html when copying templates (for sv >= v3.2)

  • smlx:

    • Convert EMH ED300L values to nicer format

  • sonos:

    • Add command to enable/disable sonos button/touch

    • Fix for unhandled exception from leading to abortion during speaker discovery

    • Upgrade soco framework to 0.27.1

    • Bumped plugin version to 1.6.4

    • Replaced subprocess.check_call by for compatibility with newer python versions

  • tasmota:

    • Bugfix and robustness improvement

  • uzsu:

    • Update web interface to show highlight effect on value change

    • Bump to v1.6.2

    • Update webif to work with auto page resize

    • Add datatableadditional class in webif

  • vacations:

    • Changed state from develop to ready

  • withings_health:

    • Added refresh function as auto refresh with callback seems to be broken without

  • zigbee2mqtt:

    • Update WebIF

    • Implement automated update

    • Added further parsing for last-seen

  • zwave:

    • Set maximum Python version in metadata and in requiremtens to 3.8 because openzwave package is not compatible with Python 3.9

Outdated Plugins

The following plugins were already marked in version v1.6 as deprecated. This means that the plugins are still working, but are not developed further anymore and are removed from the release of SmartHomeNG in the next release. User of these plugins should switch to corresponding succeeding plugins.

  • System Plugins

    • backend - use the administration interface instead

    • sqlite_visu2_8 - switch to the database plugin

  • Web Plugins

    • wunderground - the free API is not provided anymore by Wunderground

The following plugins are marked as deprecated with SmartHomeNG v1.7, because neither user nor tester have been found:

  • Gateway Plugins

    • ecmd

    • elro

    • iaqstick

    • snom

    • tellstick

  • Interface Plugins

    • easymeter

    • smawb

    • vr100

  • Web Plugins

    • nma

Moreover, the previous mqtt plugin was renamed to mqtt1 and marked as deprecated, because the new mqtt plugin takes over the functionality. This plugin is based on the mqtt module and the recent core.

Weitere Änderungen


  • update requirements for sphinx and myst to more recent versions

  • Added info about max Python version to plugin documentation

  • Update komplettanleitung and fixed some typos