Release 1.7.1 - 14. April 2020

Dieses ist ein Hotfix Release. Für die vollständigen Änderungen der Version 1.7 bitte die Release Notes der Version 1.7 zu Rate ziehen.


Dieses ist ein Wartungs-Release für SmartHomeNG v1.7. Die Änderungen gegenüber dem Release v1.7 sind im folgenden in diesen Release Notes beschrieben.

Unterstützte Python Versionen

Die älteste offiziell unterstützte Python Version für SmartHomeNG Release 1.7 ist Python 3.5. (Siehe auch Hard- u. Software Anforderungen im Abschnitt Installation zu unterstützten Python Versionen)

Absolute Minimum Python Version

Die Minimum Python Version in der SmartHomeNG startet wurde auf v3.5 angehoben, da Python 3.4 im Jahr 2019 End-of-Life (End of security fixes) gegangen ist. Bei einer Neuinstallation wird jedoch empfohlen auf einer der neueren Python Versionen (3.6 oder 3.7) aufzusetzen.


Mit dem kommenden Release 1.8 werden die unterstützten Python Versionen (wie hier beschrieben) auf Python 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 angehoben. Python 3.6 hat eine Reihe sehr interessanter Features und Verbesserungen gebracht, die dann in SmartHomeNG genutzt werden können.

Sollten solche neuen Features in den Core Einzug halten, wird die Absolute Minimum Python Version auf 3.6 angehoben werden. Sollten die Features nur in Plugins genutzt werden, so können nur solche Plugins nicht genutzt werden, wenn eine ältere Python Version als 3.6 eingesetzt wird.

Änderungen am Core

Bugfixes in the CORE

  • lib.shpypi:

    • Fixed bug for requirements that are python-version specific and do not contain complete version requirements

  • Modules:

    • admin:

      • Fixed bug in scheduler display which showed, if a crontab definition was assigning the value None

      • shngadmin: Fixed bug where the instance name of a multi-instance plugin could not be configured, if the plugin had no parameters defined

Updates in the CORE

  • Updated .gitignore

  • lib.shpypi:

    • Added way to configure PIP3 command to use, if problems arise with multiple Python3 environments on the computer

  • Modules:

    • admin:

      • shngadmin: Plugins page - added icon to signal if a plugin is still in development mode

  • tools:

    • Updated plugin_metadata_checker

    • Added Check for mandantory and default used together

    • Added script to get pid of running SmartHomeNG instance

Änderungen bei Plugins

New Plugins

For details of the changes of the individual plugins, please refer to the documentation of the respective plugin.

  • alexarc4shng: AlexaRc4ShNG - Plugin zur Steuerung von Amazon Echo Geräten Zugriff via Web-Browser API und Cookie

Plugin Updates

  • Div. plugins

    • Updated metadata (e.g. added or adjusted state attribute)

  • alexa4p3

    • Version 1.0.2: New Features (including web interface)

  • co2meter

    • migrated to get_parameter_value

  • comfoair

    • Changes port to type int

  • database

    • switched to parameter handling via get_parameter_value()

  • enigma2

    • switched init method to new get_parameter_value

    • adjusted port in eval example, as port is int now

  • enocean

    • switched from argument passing to get_parameter_value function; added doc and support thread links.

  • homematic

    • Changed some log entries from WARNING to INFO

  • ical

    • reworked date extraction including proper time zone handling. Fixes various problems in start and end time handling due to incomplete time zone handling. Plugin now outputs all dates/times in local time zone defined by smarthomeNG config

    • added handling of logging login data in calendar uris

  • influxdb

    • Quick fix to allow configuration of non-standard port number

  • logo

    • updates parameter passing in init

  • onewire

    • add Support Thread link to plugin.yaml

  • Prowl

    • updates init param passing

  • rcswitch

    • update to prevent Errors if not all parameters are configured

  • russound

    • improve log and fix caller origin bug

  • uzsu

    • update error message if uzsu dict is wrong

  • webservices

    • adjusted init method to get_parameter_value and other small changes

  • xiaomi_vac

    • fix metadata and small issues

    • added docu and locale

  • yamahayxc

    • Update to 1.0.6 includes minor fixes and alarm clock functionality for supported devices

Outdated Plugins

The following plugins were already marked in version v1.6 as deprecated. This means that the plugins are still working, but are not developed further anymore and are removed from the release of SmartHomeNG in the next release. User of these plugins should switch to corresponding succeeding plugins.

  • System Plugins

    • sqlite - switch to the database plugin

    • sqlite_visu2_8 - switch to the database plugin

  • Gateway Plugins

    • tellstick - classic Plugin, not used according to survey in knx-user-forum

  • Interface Plugins

    • netio230b - classic plugin, not used according to survey in knx-user-forum

    • smawb - classic plugin, not used according to survey in knx-user-forum

  • Web Plugins

    • alexa - switch to the alexa4p3 plugin

    • boxcar - classic Plugin, not used according to survey in knx-user-forum

    • mail - switch to the mailsend and mailrcv plugin

    • openenergymonitor - classic plugin, not used according to survey in knx-user-forum

    • wunderground - the free API is not provided anymore by Wunderground

The following plugins are marked as deprecated with SmartHomeNG v1.7, because neither user nor tester have been found:

  • Gateway Plugins

    • ecmd

    • elro

    • iaqstick

    • snom

    • tellstick

  • Interface Plugins

    • easymeter

    • netio230b

    • smawb

    • vr100

  • Web Plugins

    • boxcar

    • nma

Moreover, the previous mqtt plugin was renamed to mqtt1 and marked as deprecated, because the new mqtt plugin takes over the functionality. This plugin is based on the mqtt module and the recent core.


  • Sample Plugin:

    • Updated with parameter-examples in metadata